About Career Lantern

If you are a fan of old classic movies, you may recall a comical line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where the pair repeatedly asks themselves, “Who are these guys?”  Butch and Sundance are amazed as a posse with an expert tracker is in relentless pursuit, able to follow the outlaws anywhere, regardless of their efforts to cleverly evade the lawmen.

“Who are these guys?” is fair question for you to ask, especially when it comes to something as important as your career. So, who or what is Career Lantern?  Here it goes…

First of all, I am not famous.  I am not the CEO of a major corporation.  I am certainly not perfect or an expert on all things.  However, I am a seasoned and successful management professional with 30 years of real-world experience.  Over the years, I have read countless cover letters and applications, personally conducted hundreds of job interviews, assisted other managers as an interview panel member for their own staff recruitment efforts, oversaw various employee development programs – and of course, at times – have been a job applicant myself.  While serving as a part-time instructor on three different college campuses, I have talked to many students about career development and suggested ways to enhance their chances for career success.

Sadly, all this experience also means I have witnessed far too many individuals make boatloads of unnecessary mistakes while pursuing their career goals.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Be smart; save yourself some grief and learn from the mistakes of others instead of simply making the same mistakes yourself.  If you are thinking, “That’s OK, I already know all this stuff,” then odds are you really don’t.

Career Lantern is my way of trying to give back; my attempt to help others achieve their career goals and aspirations, hopefully with considerably less pain and suffering than many others, including myself, have encountered along the way.

Your career success is my goal!


Featured image courtesy of Loren Javier – flickr

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