Weird and Strange Job Interviews

A scary-looking character from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" holding a handbill which reads "Job Interview Here."Have you ever been on a job interview which was, well… just plain weird?  Perhaps the interviewer asked you some very unusual or even inappropriate questions.  Or, if you are a manager or business owner who conducts job interviews, have you ever had a situation where the applicant behaved strangely or gave very bizarre answers to your questions?

Because planning, changing, or advancing your career is a serious matter, Career Lantern articles are usually written about serious topics, and rightly so.  Today, however, we’ll take a short break from all that seriousness and look at the interview process from a different, perhaps lighter vantage point.

I recently received some interesting first-hand stories on the topic of weird and strange job interviews from around the country, and the contributors kindly allowed me to share their experiences with Career Lantern readers.  Some of the anecdotes are taken from interviews they conducted, and others are from times when they themselves were job candidates. Continue reading

Job Interview Logistics

A city street view of a clock and a skyscraper.An article by ABC news reported 15 to 20 percent of the U.S. population is consistently late for work-related activities. It only stands to reason that some percentage of these “punctually challenged” individuals also go on job interviews, and while you might think they would modify their behavior for such an important occasion, I assure you many do not.  Perhaps you would never think about arriving late for a job interview and might even feel that my advising you to be punctual is almost insulting.  However, I know from experience I would be remiss to not discuss the subject and there might even be a few things about job interview logistics which you may have not previously considered.

Ok, why in the world would anyone ever show up late to a job interview?  Actually, there are several reasons: a habit of poor punctuality, travel time miscalculation, unfamiliarity with the location, or perhaps events which are completely beyond anyone’s control. If you have a habit of poor punctuality, I can’t help you much there – that one’s on you – but there are steps you can take to control or at least mitigate the potential impact of the other factors. Continue reading