Career Readiness Book Now Available!

Cover of book entitled The 6 Readiness Factors for Planning, Changing, or Advancing Your Career.Written by Donald Whiteside, MBA, founder of Career Lantern, The 6 Readiness Factors for Planning, Changing, or Advancing Your Career will serve as the tactical planning workbook for your career! This book will: 

  • Familiarize you with the six critical factors necessary to achieve your career goals
  • Walk you through a self-assessment of your personal readiness relative to each factor (forms included)
  • Guide you in developing a practical and realistic Individual Development Plan (IDP) to map a clear path to your preparedness and success (forms included)
  • Show you how to stand out from the other interview candidates through differentiation
  • Discuss the various formats and types of job interviews you may encounter
  • Provide tips and recommendations for successful online, telephone, or in-person job interviews
  • Help you prepare for “STAR” job interviews
  • Provide strategies to enhance your confidence and bargaining power when negotiating a starting salary 

Available in both paperback (8½ x 11 inches) and Kindle Edition on Amazon.

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