What Topics Would You Like Covered on Career Lantern This Year?

Welcome to 2022! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful time over the holidays! Now it’s back to work or school, and perhaps this is the year you will achieve your career goals or at least get that much closer. If you’ve been thinking about taking control of your career but haven’t started yet, make this the year you take action!

The goal of Career Lantern is to be an information resource for those who want to plan, change, or advance their careers. Are you finding what you need on the website articles, podcasts, or in my book?

What topics would YOU like covered on Career Lantern that might currently be missing? What do you find most helpful?

I sincerely value the input of my readers and listeners! Feel free to respond with a “Comment” on this post or send a message through the “Contact” tab.

Best wishes for this new year!

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