Why Should I Read Career Lantern?

Close-up of the arms of two individuals in business suits shaking hands; one white and one of color.Do any of the following statements sound like your current career situation?

  • I have a job, but want a career.
  • I am already working in my career field, but I feel my advancement has stagnated.
  • I have decided I would like to change careers.
  • I am a recent college graduate and having trouble landing a position in my career field.
  • I am a student and still in the process of planning my career.

Or, are you:

  • A professional in a college, high school, or other organization who provides guidance to students and job seekers.
  • A manager, human resources, or training/development professional.

If so, Career Lantern was created for you!  Each posting contains commentary on wide range of career-related topics.  You will find information on setting career goals, tips for a successful job interview, resumes and professional references, individual development plans (IDPs), and much more.

Thanks for checking us out!


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