Why NOW May be the Critical Time for Your Career Move!

Close-up of analog clock at one minute until twelve o’clock.Are you are considering making a change to your career? Perhaps working for a different employer, upgrading your position, or looking for a new career field altogether? If so, now may be the time! The working world isn’t what it was only a year ago, and some of the changes may be to your advantage.

Do you feel any of the following statements fit your current situation?

  • I want a higher-level position, but long-term employees likely hold most of those good jobs.
  • I decided that I must change employers in order to achieve my career goals, as opportunities will probably not be available in the near future at my current place of employment.
  • I am working toward a new career field, but don’t yet have the strong work experience or credentials employers will most likely demand.

If you agree with any of the above, I suggest that many of the underlying assumptions to those statements may no longer be valid.

What Happened?

To be sure, the pandemic has had tragic results for individuals. Sadly, hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. Many, including myself, have lost friends, relatives, coworkers, or others to COVID. Many small businesses, some family-owned for generations, never recovered and were forced to permanently close. Millions of hard-working people found themselves suddenly unemployed through no fault of their own. The pandemic has truly been a human tragedy in many ways.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the pandemic also turned the working world upside down in many ways. One major impact is that, suddenly, employers cannot find enough employees, whether to fill minimum wage jobs or professional positions. Continue reading

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