About Career Lantern

Whether you are new to the job market or an experienced professional looking to make a change or advance your career, it can help to hear from someone who has been in your shoes. It is even better if the person has also been on the other side of the job interview table, the one asking the questions and making hiring decisions.

Usually, it is not every day you have the chance to connect with someone with such a background and hear how YOU can successfully achieve your personal career goals. Think of Career Lantern as your opportunity to do just that, even if it is in a virtual, online sort of way.

About Me

Image of Don Whiteside

My name is Don Whiteside. No, I’m not famous and it is unlikely you’ve ever heard of me. However, I am a seasoned and successful management professional with 30 years of real-world experience. I have read countless cover letters and applications, personally conducted hundreds of job interviews, assisted other managers by serving on interview panels, made hiring decisions, and managed various employee development programs. My academic credentials include an MBA degree and serving as an adjunct instructor on three different college campuses. I have worked in several entirely different fields and hold various certifications and licenses. Throughout my career, I have been extremely involved with various technologies.

Just as importantly, like you, I have also been a job applicant at times while pursuing my own career goals. I have written and submitted cover letters, resumes, and online applications.  Admittedly, I have went on job interviews where things went great, and other times… well, not so much.

So Why Create Career Lantern?

Quite simply, Career Lantern is my effort to give back. My thought was perhaps someone might benefit if I share the career-related observations and insight acquired over the years.  Maybe this effort will help others achieve their own personal career goals and aspirations. I sure wish I had known more of this stuff back when I first started out!

The bottom line is this: I have witnessed far too many individuals make all kinds of unnecessary mistakes in the pursuit of their careers. Be smart. Save yourself some grief and learn from the mistakes of others instead of merely repeating them. If you are thinking, “That’s OK, I already know all this,” then odds are you really don’t.

Plain talk on nuts-and-bolts career topics is mostly what you will find here. While I try to inform readers on a wide variety of topics, Career Lantern is not an academic site focused on theories, abstract concepts, or research. 

I sincerely hope the information shared on Career Lantern will help you avoid much of the disappointment and frustration which many others, including myself, have sometimes encountered along the road to career success.

Good luck in pursuing your career goals!

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